3 MLM Ampliphiers

Ho, ho, what’s going on everyone? This is Steve Larsen, and you are listening to Secret MLM Hacks Radio.


Here’s the real mystery. How do real MLMers like us, [inaudible 00:00:10] even cheat and only bug family members and friends, who want to grow a profitable home business, how do we recruit A players into our downlines and create extra incomes, yet still have plenty of time for the rest of our lives? That’s the blaring question, and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Steve Larsen, and welcome to Secret MLM Hacks Radio.


All right, all right. Guys, I’m so excited to do this. It’s one a.m. in the morning right now, and I’ve just had this on my mind, and so I decided that I would just record it anyway, even though I have got to get up soon. I just really like what I do, so I just decided to stay up and get it done.


Anyways, hey guys, today I wanted to talk real quick about the three things that changed my MLM business forever. You know what’s funny is, I once sat down and I wrote all of the business that I had done and tried and tried to make money in, and I sat down, I wrote them all out, and it was, just off the cuff, it was probably 14, 15 businesses. It was a lot. This wasn’t small, little endeavors, like I tried that for a day or two, this was four, five, six months per thing.


I’ve been selling stuff in the business world for a long time now, especially comparative to most people, far longer than most people do it, or make it I should say. You know what’s funny is, on every single one of them, if I had the three things that I’m about to tell you right now, I know I may not be talking to you right now. Number one, I’m like, I wish I knew these three things. Stuff would have been so different, but at the same time, I wouldn’t be here talking to you right now, in your ears, and that makes me sad.


All right, heres the three things okay? I remember, one of the very first businesses that I created, that was on a subscription model, was a smartphone insurance company. It was a company called Fixed Insurance. What we did was, we went and we were looking at all the different insurance models for smartphones, and they’re ridiculous. Some of them, they’re just straight-up ripping people off, and we’re like, “Oh, we could totally sell that better.”


One of my buddies had a smartphone repair shop. He owned it for a long time. He did great things with it, and then he flipped it around and he sold it, and made profit and it was great. He’s like, “Dude, Steven, let’s go make this smartphone insurance company, um, and er, you handle like the onboarding of customers, and er, and I’ll go handle like the back and management part of it,” and I was like, “Sweet. Hey, this is cool right.” I was in the middle of college, we were both excited, we were ready to rock and roll on it, and it was going to be really cool.


Well, we got to work, and we wrote out exactly what it is that we were selling. We figured out what the different things were we could offer with it. We went and actually started looking at what all of the people who were also selling smartphone insurance already were already doing. Same thing that I tell you guys to do. Same thing that I did. I went out to the top MLM people, and I was like, what do these people do? What are they actually doing? Oh my gosh, it’s totally different things than the upline’s telling me to do. I’m going to stop doing the things the upline’s telling me to do, and start doing what the top MLM guys are doing. You know what I mean? That’s basically how it happened. That’s one of the turning things.


But for the smartphone insurance thing, we did the exact same thing. We were looking at all the other top people, all the other top companies. How are they selling, how are they selling, or what are they selling? It’s funny because we went and we planned this thing out. I handled the technology side of it, I built what we call sales funnels, and I put together a sales funnel online, it was all automated, so that someone could buy and there was automation. They could handle their policies, all this stuff. I went and I put it all together, and it was really cool. It was cool, and we built it, we put it all together, we hit the go button, and we had a few customers buy. Not many, but enough to be breaking even. We’re like, you know, really wish there was more people, but that’s not bad. All right, cool.


What’s funny is, it just floundered. It just stayed there for a little while. At first, its was just like, well this is just the period where they’re just talking to the people that they know, and customers will be coming soon. They never did though. I looked back on that and I was like what happened? This is so weird. How come these people aren’t joining? What the big problem with this? What I realized is that, I got this from Russel Brunson,

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