3 Steps of MLM Marketing

What’s going on everyone? This is Steve Larsen, and you’re listening to Secret MLM Hacks Radio.


Here’s the real mystery. How do real MLMers like us, who didn’t cheat and only bugged family members and friends, who want to grow a profitable home business. How do we recruit A players into our downline’s, and create extra incomes, but still have plenty of time for the rest our lives? That’s the blaring question, an this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Steve Larsen, and welcome to Secret MLM Hacks Radio.


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This question comes from Eli Fuentes.


Hey Steve, what are the top three most important things we need to know about marketing our MLM?


Hey, what’s going on Eli? Great question. What are the top three things needed in order to actually market an MLM appropriately?


I don’t know what it was. It was probably six months ago now, I was speaking at an event in Vegas, and I was all prepared, I was really stoked. It wasn’t that big of an event, but it was a good size though. Definitely a big room. I sat down, and I was thinking I was all prepared. It was funny, I sat down in the back just to kind of listen, see what the other speakers are talking about, and it became apparent very quickly that I had prepared the wrong speech. That the actual questions, and the actual things that I could give in order to actually be powerful for these people while I was on stage, I had prepared the wrong thing. It was extremely nerveracking, because I was on very shortly.


I pulled my computer up in the back, and what I did is I started writing like crazy. I wrote, and wrote, and wrote, and I was redoing my slides, and I was like oh my gosh I have literally created … I created this speech as if these people are doing X, Y, and Z, but they’re not. They’re actually in this whole separate industry. I was like, oh man. I mean, I changed my title slide, the name of the thing, the main points I was going to make, all the stories. I changed almost the entire thing, and it was nerveracking.


What I had realized, like I said, it’s not just that I had created the wrong speech, but I understood the false beliefs that these people had about what I was going to talk about. I had falsely understood those things. Meaning, I thought that these people had all believed that … I can’t even remember right now what it is. Anyway, the whole point is that I was not being accurate in what these people believed and didn’t believe. Does that make sense?


It’s really, really easy for a golfer to believe that there’s a few ways to improve the swing. You know what I mean? People are inclined to several beliefs related to what they do every single day. Just like for an MLM. If someones going to go … It’s very, very hard to recruit somebody who did not already have a preexisting disposition towards MLM, or entrepreneurship. Right? It’s very hard to do that.


My whole system, everything that I do is all about finding people who have preexisting dispositions towards MLM, and then helping them get closed into MLM by various things. Does that make sense? I realized that I had understood the beliefs incorrectly. The reason why it’s such a big deal with marketing is because, all marketing is is education. Marketing is merely just educating people on a new way of thinking. They’ve got to take on some new beliefs.


If you’re going to go market an MLM, meaning you’re basically saying what education are you giving. Now education can come in the form of stories. It’s not like it’s a classroom, but it can come in the form of stories, it can come in the form of facts, it can come in the form of a lot..

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