Failed MLM Promotions

What’s going on everyone? Last Christmas I went to a Phoenix Suns game down in Arizona. That’s where my parents live, and I went with my brothers, and it was awesome. In the stands, we were there in the stands, and the game was cool. It was awesome. We’re in this big arena downtown. There’s lots of life, it was at night obviously, and the city’s alive. It was super fun, right? Very vibrant. A lot of life. That’s what it felt like, and you walked in and it was an indoor arena, a basketball court in the center obviously, and it was a lot fun, but I remember sitting down, and I was looking at all the different logos of all the businesses, all the people who had paid to put their name and their logo inside the stadium, right? Lots of money inside of it. Lots of money on those ads. Lots of money, and there are two kinds of these ads though. I remember sitting down and I was looking, and was noticing that there was a difference. There was really two kinds. There was one kind, and this difference is one of the major reasons why I know my upline didn’t know how to teach me to be successful when I was doing MLM for the first time, this one difference. I was looking around, and I was reading all the signs. I’m really fascinated with ads. I’m the kind of guy who would watch an infomercial for fun. I get it. I obsess over it, and I know it’s one of the reasons why I’ve been able to be good at it. I encourage you to obsess over your craft also. But anyway, so I was sitting down and we were in the basketball game, and it was a lot of fun. Very close as I remember it. It was a great game, and like I said, there’s two different kinds of businesses that had bought ad space. The first kind was they just had literally their logo and their name, and that was it. That was it. The second kind had a logo, a name, and a call to action. There was an offer on there, meaning it would be like, “Until Tuesday, get two extra tacos for just a dollar each,” or something like that. I was like, “Huh, that’s interesting.” One kind of business type in this arena just wants their name out there, and they’re literally throwing money away in my mind. The second part though, they had an actual offer on the ad with a call to action. They were trying to recoup money from the ad space they had purchased. Interesting. Hmm. Let’s think about the difference between those two real quick, because the difference between those two is why I can do paid prospecting, meaning I get paid even when someone doesn’t join my downline. Last year I made about fifty grand that let us go, we went on a cruise, my wife and I, we went for our anniversary, I set up a bunch of cool stuff in my home office, we got a gym, lots of stuff that it did regardless of somebody joining the downline or buying a product or whatever it was. Those are the kinds of systems that I give my downline, these paid prospecting systems, and because of this one principle, I’m allowed to do that. Any time you place an ad, any time you go and you put your name out there, this is the reason why I don’t have a business card. Any time I go put my business card out there and I say, “Hey, here’s my business card,” it’s nothing. There’s no call to action, there’s no offer. There’s literally no reason. I literally just gave it to them so they could put it in the trash for me. That’s it. I know I did that episode a little while ago about business cards, but this one principle, you’ve got to understand that there’s a huge difference between promoting and advertising. An ad versus a promotion, and most people in MLM, like 99% of them are stuck promoting their MLM. One will get you a lot of money. One will get you almost no money, but you’ll spend a lot. Does that make sense? If I am just running promotions, if I’m just promoting my MLM, it means I don’t care who I’m targeting, I don’t care who sees my ad, I don’t care that I had to spend money to get it up there, I don’t care to make back the money I spent to put the promotion up there. Does that make sense? When you’re promoting, in my mind, it is the absolute least effective kind of marketing that’s out there. Big corporations are known for this, right? Massive, massive with huge, deep, unlimited pockets, and they’ll go buy an ad on the Super Bowl and spend millions and millions of dollars just to get their name to flash on the screen a single 15 second spot, right? Or even they’ll just put their name inside the actual arena itself. That’s it. Coca-Cola and their name’s spinning around the inside of the stadium. That’s it. They can afford to do that. They’ve got a massive, massive, massive bottomless pit of cash they can just toss at stuff, right? They’re in an awareness branding stage where they don’t care about anything else except sustainability, people seeing the name over and over, that’s it. They don’t care about recouping the ad cost. I care about that. My ability to go and create some piece of marketing where I can recoup ad costs, now we’re…

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