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Hey. How you doing guys? This is Steve Larsen and you’re listening to Secret MLM Hacks radio. So, here’s the real mystery. Are there real MLM er’s like us? Who didn’t cheat and only bug family members and friends, who want to grow a profitable home business. How do we recruit A players into our down lines and create extra incomes? Yet, still have plenty of time for the rest of our lives. That’s the blaring question and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Steve Larsen and welcome to Secret MLM Hacks radio.


All right guys. We got a really fun episode today here. As some of you may know, actually, some of you guys probably don’t know, if you go to and you opt in there, what it does is it allows you to ask any question you want that comes up on this actual podcast. And what I do is I go through, and I do vet them, and I just kind of, as far as questions that apply to everybody so we can all learn together. Then what I do is I go through and I listen to them and I actually go toss in the actual question from you guys inside the episode.


So, here is a question. We’re going to start with this first question, here right now. First one of this podcast. I do this on my other podcast show and it’s been awesome so I thought I’d do it here too. So, great question here from Bernadette here.


Hey Steve. My name’s Bernadette. So, I have a question. I know your philosophy is that MLM is more about the opportunity and the products are kind of like an after thought. I’ve got the opposite philosophy and I’m wanting to build my business around that. I’m wanting to help people through my products. I don’t give a, not swearing, about the opportunity. So, can you help me with that and how do I use online funnels to do that? Cheers.


That is a fantastic question. I thought that was really funny, actually. Hey, yeah, absolutely. So, your question is more about, obviously I call it the MLM down line recruiting funnel. Obviously that means it’s focusing more so on the opportunity of MLM rather than the actual product itself. And I totally understand. Actually, that’s one of the bigger questions that I’ve had over and over again. Fantastic question on how do I actually sell the product using funnels?


What’s interesting is that most of my background is more on how to actually sell products, as far as in my other life I should say. How I got started, my own career, actually. So, you can use sales funnels to sell anything. Anytime you sell anything, whether or not you meant to, you created a funnel. If I go, I’ve used the example of McDonald’s before, if you go into the drive through at McDonald’s, and you’re in their sales funnel, right, they might get you with some coupon to get in there as their free thing. They might get you with some little ticket thing. They might get you just because you’re hungry. But they’re almost always trying to upsell you something. Hey, can I offer you this? Hey, you want to biggie size that? Hey, you want fries and a drink? Hey, you want this, this? Hey, you want this? Those are the different up sales that you can give along the way.


Now, it depends on your MLM’s compliance. But, one of the ways that I’ve been working on right now … I’m working on the launch of this actual product right now. One of the things I’m working on right now is, there are several e-commerce sales funnels that I’ve built that have gone and two and three x’d companies sales revenues, right. There’s a really good model that sells physical products online. And I know that it works very, very well. It’s not Shopify. It’s not like Amazon. It is the act of taking just a single product and selling that one product, asking if they want more of the same thing and then upselling them on a few other things as well. And it’s really, really cool. It works very fantastic. Of the four or five times that I’ve put that one together for other companies, I almost always three days later, get a frantic phone call, begging me to turn it off, because it works so well. I know it works really, really well.


So, anyways. You could build that kind of funnel for your MLM. And depending on your MLM’s compliance, use that to sell physical products online. Now, that product, that funnel, is included in the Secret MLM Hacks product that’s coming out soon. I’ve built that, I’ve put it all together so that you can plug and play. You can put, again, it depends on the compliance of the actual MLM you’re in. I’m only saying that over and over again so that you guys don’t get in trouble or obviously so that I don’t have liability also, because some MLM’s are fine with it and some are not.


So, regardless though, it’s going to be part of that product. But it is a funnel that has made, not just like a couple million, we’re talking tens and tens and tens of millions of dollars. So, what I did

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